Bringing Simplicity Back To Streaming

weyd is your all-in-one solution to TV Show and Movie tracking using the Trakt API.


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weyd is available for AndroidTV.

Nvidia Shield, Fire Devices(FireOS 7+), TiVo Stream 4K, Chromecast with GoogleTV Compatible.

*Works on Android 8.0+, Android Oreo and above.

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weyd focuses on simplicity

Trakt API Integrated

weyd brings the simplicity of AndroidTV's Leanback UI and integrates the Trakt API at a base level. This leaves you with a brisk, fast loading experience you don't always get with TV Show & Movie Syncing APKs these days. Each section is packed with the information YOU are looking for when searching for a new TV Show or Movie to watch on your next night off. Once you watch your show, simply mark it as watched so you always know your place. weyd also offers the ability to watch publicly released trailers within the TV Show or Movies designated page!

Upgrade your syncing experience

weydSUB unlocks the ability to log into your favorite services

Once your device is connected to weydSUB you have the ability to take your TV Show and Movie tracking on the road by logging into your own Trakt.TV account! Never miss out on your syncing again! weydSUB also grants access to your Debrid accounts and much more!


Access your OWN content

weydSUB unlocks all access to YOUR content

weyd is amazing for tracking your TV Shows and Movies as a free alternative but the addition of weydSUB gives you access to your favorite Debrid Clouds. Stream your OWN content directly from your Debrid Cloud by simply logging into your, Real-Debrid or All-Debrid accounts within the accounts section in settings.

Secure and safe panel

Manage weydSUB on a secure panel unlike any other APK

weydSub comes with its own panel to manage subscriptions, giveaway vouchers, devices and backups! Backup your favorite configuration within the weyd apk and use it to set up your other devices or your family's devices all safely and securely encrypted.

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    Create an Account

    Navigate over to and create an account to request a trial of weydSUB, manage subscriptions, manage devices or redeem a giveaway voucher.

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    Share with friends

    Purchase enough devices for just yourself or enough to share with friends and family. weydSUB has benefits everyone will learn to enjoy!

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    Manage Your Streaming!

    Never again will you wonder what episode you last watched or when the next episode is airing. weyd is here to fast-track this need in one convenient package.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

weyd does offer a 7 day trial to every member! To request a trial please proceed to and click, "Request a Trial"

What permissions are needed to run weyd?

None. weyd doesn't need any permissions to function. weyd does auto-update which may require you authorize storage for a short period but this permission can be removed immediately after.

What payment methods do you accept?

weyd accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as cryptocurrency.

Can I change my subscription or receive a refund?

All subscription sales are final. If you have not tried the service, request a free trial first. If you would like to upgrade to a lifetime license, you will have to reach out to weyd directly.

What devices can I use weyd on?

weyd is based on Android 8.0 (API 26) which allows it to perform faster than those apks that are based on older APIs. That being said, weyd will only work on Android 8.0+ based devices & FireOS 7+. Please verify that your device runs the adequate version of Android before making a purchase.

Can I request a feature or report a bug?

Absolutely, please proceed to, review the planned features and open a new ticket if it's not currently in development.