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Known Issue

Planned Features / Enhancements

  • General UI enhancements
  • Handle Special Episodes
  • Action Menus
    • Debrid Cloud menu to play all or delete individual files
  • Theme select
  • UI Enhancements
    • TV Details view
      • Display show status (returning/ended/canceled/etc)
      • Display number of aired / watched episodes

Requests that will not be implemented

  • Auto-update scrapers - weyd does not provide a scraper script. The scraper script is directing weyd to the user's legally acquired content is provided by the user. Therefore, the user will know when it needs to be updated.
  • Android Home integration - weyd does not provide content. Therefore, there is nothing to publish to Android Home.
  • Add support for SIMKL - does not fit into the database structure.
  • Just Player integration - Just Player is simply the same version of Exoplayer included in weyd. Each additional external player added to official support creates a burden on the support staff, and its inclusion is redundant.
  • Automatically select language for audio or captions - weyd does not provide content and cannot be responsible for the encoding in your legally acquired videos. Adding this feature will create a burden on the support staff to attempt to address each user's individual needs.
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