This ticket system is to report bugs or request features. For support, use Telegram or Discord to interact with the community.

An account is not required to report bugs or make suggestions.


Known Issue

  • Exo player controls not always auto hiding
  • Season Pack size sometimes reports size of entire pack

Planned Features / Enhancements

  • General UI enhancements
  • Exoplayer customizations
  • Trakt Calendars
  • Handle Special Episodes
  • Action Menus
    • Debrid torrents to play all or delete
    • Link page - Add start from beginning & clear progress
    • Link page - Choose debrid
    • Play Random Button - clear random play history
  • Play with Kodi
  • Theme select
  • UI Enhancements
    • TV Details view
      • Display network
      • Display show status (returning/ended/canceled/etc)
      • Display genres
      • Display age rating
    • Movie details view
      • Display genres
      • Display age rating

Requested Features / Enhancements

  • Add support for SIMKL
  • Trakt Page(s) - Viewing history

Requests that will not be implemented

  • Auto-update scrapers - weyd does not provide a scraper script. The scraper script is directing weyd to the user's legally acquired content is provided by the user. Therefore, the user will know when it needs to be updated.
  • Android Home integration - weyd does not provide content. Therefore, there is nothing to publish to Android Home.
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